Configuring a custom tab on the ribbon toolbar

Configuring a custom tab on the ribbon toolbar

Users can configure custom tabs on the ribbon toolbar so the user can access their most frequently used features.

  1. From anywhere on the main pVault / Sage Paperless Construction program screen, click the small gear icon, , displaying to the far right, above the ribbon toolbar.

    The Configure Toolbar window displays with the Settings tab active:

  2. Click the Tabs tab.

  3. In the Current Tab field, where you were on the ribbon toolbar when you clicked the gear will display as the default. Use the dropdown to select a different tab, if necessary.

    Note:  The tab displaying in the Current Tab field is where the new custom tab will be located.

  4. Click Add Tab.

    The Tab Properties window displays.

  5. Scroll through the list of available icons to be included on the custom tab.
  6. Click to select the box next to the image of the icon to be included on the custom tab.
  7. Click Move Up and Move Down to arrange the order in which the icons display on the tab.

    Moving a button up moves it further to the left on the toolbar; moving it down moves it further to the right on the toolbar.

  8. Click OK.

    Once the custom tab is saved, it displays at the right end of the tabs in the ribbon toolbar. 

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